Bespoke Couture

MTO (Made To Order) is exactly that, we take the best selection of cloths and Models From Our Bespoke & Semi-Bespoke (MTM) Suits, Jackets, Trousers, Waistcoats, Top Coats, Denim Jeans, Footwear, Knitwear, Neckties and Pocket Squares and make it (Made To Order ) for you in (a ready to wear size) But Based On Your Selection Of Size Dimensions.

Why Choose Us?

BESPOKE COUTURE offers a diverse range of exclusive hand made and personally curated products and solutions for private customers as well as to the retail trade.

We pride ourselves on creating unique high quality products with attention given to the very last detail.

Consumer, Buyer or store owner, small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.

I have found Mark & Marlon Austin of Bespoke Couture and their services to be a welcomed addition to my life.

I have been very impressed with their professionalism, product knowledge and attention to detail. The convenience, service and quality of Mark & Marlon's products are first rate and have saved me an enormous amount of time otherwise spent shopping.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Mark & Marlon Austin and their services to anyone with similar clothing needs and scheduling demands. The selection and the quality of Bespoke Couture's products have been a valuable complement to my wardrobe. I am confident that they will continue to provide the same level of service, quality of product and pleasurable experience that I have enjoyed over the past 20 years.

D. Good
Managing Director Capital Private Wealth Management

About Us

Mark & Marlon Austin

Founders Of Bespoke Couture

Bespoke Couture (bi-spoke ku-tuer) is the brand of two entrepreneurs and fashion moguls Mark and Marlon Austin. We define our brand as The Real Bespoke! We believe quality should be immediately seen with the eyes and by doing so one should not have to be convinced of it. Bespoke Couture has been in business for over 27 years and as pioneers of the Bespoke Movement defines it's success by designing and producing the highest level of handmade quality Bespoke/Semi-Bespoke/Made To Order Suits, Shirts, Footwear and accessories on the market and achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. 


Most of our business is still done the old fashion way, face to face with our clients. We travel all over the world to see new and existing customers. Our MTO(Made To Order) program is offered on this website and by private appointment. Bespoke and Semi-Sartorial (MTM-Made To Measure) is by private appointment only. Meeting in our showroom is strictly by appointment only. We visit our private clients twice a year in New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta St. Louis, Dallas and Charlotte NC


227 W 4th Street, Charlotte NC 28202